Thursday, January 8, 2015

Song #1 In the Can!

What happened to me during the first week of this project was something I thought would probably happen at some point along the journey. I mean, who doesn't get sick at least once during the course of an entire year? I just didn't think that it would happen during the FIRST week of the project or that it would involve quite so many trips to to doctor's office, so few hours of continuous sleep, and so much discomfort. But it was all fuel for the song. One stanza in particular seemed quite apropos.

Bring on the voyage,
One more trip 'round the sun
If I fall at the start
I'll dig down in my heart,
Find the courage to get up and run!

At the moment, I'm very happy with the song. I hope that someone else will step forward to arrange it. Heck I wish someone would record a brilliant piano arrangement for me, too. I may yet write a short intro/verse for it, or I may leave that to the arranger. My favorite part, you ask? Well, I like the overall feel of the song, but I do particularly love the lyric at the deceptive cadence at the end.

Bring on the sunshine
Bring on the rain
Bring on the smooth and the rocky terrain
Bring on the passion, the pleasure and . . . even the pain.

So, I'm just one day behind. Not bad, all things considered. On to song #2!

Here is a link to a rough recording of song #1, "Bring On the New Year!"

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