Friday, January 16, 2015

On to Song #3

So, I'm getting way to much practice with being creative and productive under any circumstances. A day after my last debilitating malady had departed, a good old-fashioned cold arrived. Regardless, it is here and I still need to write. So, I feel like Song #3 is going to be a challenge for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, I'll mention that I'm writing it at the request of the Columbia River Chorus of Sweet Adelines, International, the chorus I am quite proud and honored to direct. I held a creative meeting with several of the chorus members earlier last year, and we came up with two great song ideas for competition. The first of the two songs will be this week's project. It will be a nostalgic emotional journey that celebrates and longs for simpler times. One of the challenges will be to keep it short and singable so that Columbia River and other C+/B- level groups can have the most possible success with it.

Another challenge will be deciding on what the focus of the story of the song will be. We don't want to come across as curmudgeons or Luddites. I don't think we want to bash the present at all, but rather appreciate some of the lost gems of the past. Great singers, great songs, classic television shows, charming old technology, and sweet, lost customs.

So, my idea is to evoke some of the sounds we loved, but to still keep the harmonies pretty solid barbershop. I might do this with rhythm or sub-rhythm, and I might skate along the edge with regard to harmonic language. I want to weave in the names, but very cleverly, using melodic fragments associated with the various artists. Another challenge will be to pick a wide enough period of time that most of our singers and audience will remember or at least know of.

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